Otto E. Rössler

Professor Honoris Causa and Doctor (Medicine) Honoris Causa, he is a researcher in Chaos Theory and professor of Theoretical Biochemistry. He studied Medicine at the Eberhard-Karls University, where he wrote his doctoral thesis on immunological tolerance. In 1967 he worked as a researcher in cybernetic biology at the Max Planck Institute (Seewiesen), in the field of behavioural psychology. A year later he was invited by Bob Rosen to work as Professor in Residence at the Center for Theoretical Biology, State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1973 he returned to Tübingen where he resumed his studies in Theoretical Biochemistry and would occupy the Chair in this subject six years later. He was Visiting Professor in Mathematics at Guelph (1981), in Chaos Theory at Los Alamos (1983), in Theoretical Physics at Lyngby (1990), in Process Engineering in Charlottesville (1993) and in Applied Fine Arts in Vienna (1996). His articles and papers have been widely published. He has written ten books, notable among which are Das Flammenschwert (The Flaming Sword - 1996) and Lampsacus (1989).

Takes part in
Transgression: Dissipation or Re-invention? Dialogues on the Sustainability of Techno-Culture