(Barcelona, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

Artistic collective. Enrique Barrenengoa, Ginés Fernández and Txema González are the components of Neosol. This group shares members with the experimental artistic collective NeoTokyo, who have held concerts in London, Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid, and who have just begun a new adventure as a cultural association.

Nesol mix electronic music with conventional instruments, accompanied by visuals. Their style could be defined as abstract drum & bass, rock and techno. Currently, their performances are accompanied by videos created by ERRORvideo (also known as Calpurnio, creator of the comic El Bueno de Cultas). Their new project is Mission, the third part of a trilogy that began with Session (2003) and Vision (2006). They have also edited songs on the compilation Pasatiempos20 (2005).
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