Muge Sökmen

Müge Gürsoy Sökmen (Izmir, Turkey, 1958) is an editor, translator and co-founder of Metis Publishers. She has commissioned and prepared for publication hundreds of books, both fiction and non-fiction, by local and international authors. She has translated works by authors such as John Berger, Ursula K. LeGuin, Federico García Lorca and Susan Sontag. Her works include World Tribunal on Iraq: Making the Case Against War (ed., Interlink/Olive Branch Press, USA, 2008); Waiting for the Barbarians: A Tribute to Edward Said (co-ed., Verso, UK/USA, 2008) and Bilge Karasu Aram?zda (A book to commemorate the work of Turkish author Bilge Karasu, co-ed., Metis, Istanbul, 1997).

Sökmen has acted as Chair of the Writers in Prison Committee of PEN Turkey for many years, and is an activist for peace and freedom of expression. She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Publishers, PEN Turkey and the Turkish Publishers Association.


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