Momus (Nick Currie)

(Paisley, United Kingdom, 1960)

Musician, journalist and blogger.

In 1986 he released his first solo album, Circus Maximus, which explored biblical themes in a gothic style. His next records were influenced by French pop and later he combined dance-pop beats with lyrics on issues such as adultery and necrophilia. Titles from this phase included The Poison Boyfriend (1987), Tender Pervert (1988) and Don't Stop the Night (1989). After living in the United Kingdom, he went on to reside in several places achieving notable commercial success in countries such as Japan. He writes articles for the publications Wired, Vice Magazine and Design Observer and keeps a blog which was recently published in book format under the title Fotolog.Book (2006). Ocky Milk (2006) is his latest record.

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