Miguel Pajares

(Palencia, 1950)


A social anthropologist, researcher at the University of Barcelona and president of the Comissió Catalana d’Ajuda al Refugiat (Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid), he is the Spanish rapporteur for the OECD System of Permanent Observation of Migration (SOPEMI) and an expert member – in the field of immigration and asylum – of the European Social and Economic Committee. In the University domain, he is a member of the University of Barcelona Research Group on Exclusion and Social Control, while also teaching in masters courses in a number of Spanish universities.

He is author inter alia of Inmigrantes del Este (Immigrants of the East - Icària, 2007) and La integración ciudadana. Una perspectiva para la inmigración (Citizen Integration: A Perspective for Immigration – Icària, 2005).


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