Migjen Kelmendi

(Pristina, Kosovo, 1959)

Migjen Kelmendi holds a Degree in Law from the University of Pristina (1983). He studied Media Management at the Concordia University of Montreal, Canada. He was head of editing for the programme Contacto on Radio Television of Pristina (1988-1990), executive producer of Victoria Television of New York (1996) and of the Programme Albanian Satellite (1997-1999), and director of television of Radio Television of Kosovo (2000-2001).

He was also the founder of the weekly magazine Epoca (1991) and of the literary magazine MM (1996). He is currently editor of the weekly newspaper Java, which he founded in 2001. He is the author of four books: The Gate of Time (1994), his first novel, Carere Patria (1997), an annotated collection of Albanian impressions and experiences, Toward Home, short essays on the United States, and To Change The World: A Short History of The Traces (2003), a multimedia project in the Albanian language. He has translated into Albanian works by writers Danilo Kiš and Jorge Luis Borges.

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