Michel Onfray

(Argentan, France, 1959)

He is a doctor of Philosophy and taught this subject at a secondary school in Caen from 1983 to 2002, the year in which he created the Popular University of Caen.

The author of over thirty books, his texts propose a theory of hedonism that considers the recovery of the artist philosopher, along the lines of the Greek thinkers, and the de-Christianisation of Western epistemology. His published works include Le Ventre des philosophes. Critique de la raison diététique (1995); Cynismes (1990), a formulation of a modern atheist ethic; Théorie du corps amoureux: Pour une érotique solaire (2000), a defence of libertarian love, and Antimanual Philosophy (2001), which reviews his years as a teacher of philosophy.

Atheist Manifesto (2005), his latest book, is also the best seller of his writing career. With over two hundred thousand copies sold in France, it has generated controversial debate in the French intellectual media.

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