Michel Foucher

Geographer and author of the book Fronts et frontières. Un tour du monde géopolitique (Fayard, 1991), and presently the French Ambassador to Latvia.

Michel Foucher is a geographer, diplomat and essayist who was born in 1946. He is Professor of Geography and Doctor of Literature and Human Science, and has been a lecturer at the Lumière-Lyon 2 University since 1989. He has also been a lecturer at the College of Europe in Natolin, Warsaw (1994-2002), consultant to the European Commission, advisor to La Lyonnaise de Banque, mission leader for DATAR and advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-2002), director of the Centre for Analysis and Policy Planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1999-2002) and French ambassador to Latvia (2002-2006).

He is a member of the scientific committee of the Robert Schuman Foundation and, since February 2006, has been ambassador-at-large for EU affairs.

He has written, directed or participated in some 20 works on geopolitical issues and cultural geography.

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