Michel Azama

(Vilallonga de la Salanca, France, 1947)

Drama writer, pedagogue and theatre director.

He gained a Doctorate in Modern Literature at Montpellier's Paul Valéry University. He trained as an actor at the René Simon Centre and at the Jacques Lecoq International School in Paris. From 1989 to 1992 he worked at the National Drama Centre of Bourgogne in Dijon. He was been editor-in-chief of Les Cahiers de Prospero review, specialising in contemporary dramatic writing. He is currently involved in teaching, directing drama writing workshops in Colombia, Chile, Italy and France, and writing plays. He is President of Écrivains Associés du Théatre (EAT).

He has published fifteen works for the theatre which have been translated into various languages and produced around the world, including: Bled (1983), Vie et mort de Pier Paolo Pasolini (1984), Le Sas (1986), Croisades (1988), Iphigénie ou le péché des dieux (1991), Aztecas (1992), Les deux terres d'Akhenaton (1994), Zoo de nuit (1997), Faits divers (1998) and Saintes Familles (2002). He has also translated into French the works of writers such as Sinisterra, Belbel, Benet i Jornet and Griffero. He has recently published the theatrical anthology De Godot a Zucco (2004).

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