Míhamed Abdelouahed Allaoui

M’hamed Abdelouahed Allaoui has a degree in Hispanic Philology from the Mohamed V University of Rabat and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Diversity and Social Exclusion from the University of Girona and CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs). A resident of Barcelona since 1991, he has worked in the Centre of Legal Studies and Specialised Training of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia, training staff members regarding North African societies and, subsequently, giving training on matters pertaining to immigration to professionals from the public service and other entities working with different immigrant groups. He is a founder-member of the AMAZAN Association for Sociocultural Promotion and Development and of the Amazigh House of Catalonia (2009). He is presently working in the Directorate-General for Immigration of the Generalitat of Catalonia as a specialist in the Territorial Planning Department.

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