Matteo Ciastellardi

Matteo Ciastellardi (IN3/UOC)

Currently a Researcher at the IN3/UOC and former Senior Research Fellow (2010) in the Research Line Digital Culture. Ph.D. (Polytechnic University of Milan, Department of Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication) with a thesis titled “Bottom-up management of online information”. In 2009-2010 he was in charge of the course “New Languages in Information Science” as adjunct professor at the University of Milan.

In 2007, he worked as a Research Fellow on a project called REPLICA (Reti Evolute Per L’Interazione e la Comunicazione Aziendale- Evolved Networks for Corporate Interaction and Communication), focusing on the transmission of knowledge from academic to working environments and vice versa. He received a research fellowship in 2008 for the project NERV (Neural Environment for Recombinant Visualization) which aimed to design new kinds of visual interfaces for data management in complex environments. His research topics are mainly founded on the web’s information topography and on design strategies for social media to manage bottom-up information, with particular emphasis on practices and tools to share knowledge.

Latest Publications: Design, Knowledge and Augmented Realities (with A. Cruciani, C. M. de Almeida, D. de Kerckhove) 2009; Le architetture liquide. Il pensiero in rete e le reti del pensiero, 2009; The space between. Designing bottom-up knowledge in an interconnected society, (with A. Cruciani, C. M. de Almeida, D. de Kerckhove), 2009; Hybrid ontologies. Design knowledge in a hyperconnected fluid society, 2008; W.Book & E.Margin (with A. Cruciani, C. M. de Almeida, D. de Kerckhove) 2008 among other publications.


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