Mariano Sánchez Soler

(Alicante, Spain, 1954)

He gained a degree in Information Sciences from Madrid’s Complutense University. He has worked as a journalist since 1979 and has developed an intensive career as a novelist, poet and essayist on current history topics, with over twenty books published.

As a journalist he has been a court reporter for El Periódico de Catalunya; a contributor to Radio Nacional and the Ser radio station, plus Interviú, El Temps and Le Monde Diplomatique, amongst other publications. Head of the research team and of the "National" section of the weekly Tiempo, he has worked there for the last decade. His book Ricos por la Patria earned him the International Rodolfo Walsh Non-Fiction Prize in 2002.

His literary production includes narrative works such as: Historias del viajero metropolitano (1987), Alacant Blues. Crónica sentimental de una búsqueda (1994) and Lutitania Express (1996); crime novels such as Carne fresca (1987), Festín de tiburones (1990), Para matar (1996), Oasis pour l'OAS (2000) and Lejos de Orán (2003), and books of poetry: La ciudad flotante (1983), a work that won the Alvaro Iglesias Prize, and Fuera de lugar. Poesía 1972-2001 (2001), amongst others.

He is currently fully dedicated to literary creation and journalistic and historical research, and he directs the Crime Novel Workshop at the University of Alicante.

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