Marc Hauser

(Cambridge, United States, 1959)
 Lilan Hauser

He holds a BS from Bucknell University and a PhD from the University of California, and is currently a Harvard College Professor in the Departments of Psychology, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, and Biological Anthropology. He is also Co-Director of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Program and Director of the Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory.

His research, focusing on the study of the mind of human and non-human animals, has unlocked some of the mysteries of language evolution, conceptual representation, social cooperation, communication, and morality.

He has written more than two hundred papers and five books, including: The Evolution of Communication (1996); Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think (2000), and the forthcoming Moral Minds: The Unconscious Voice of Right and Wrong.

He is currently working on a book about language with Noam Chomsky.

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