Manuel Vilas


Manuel Vilas has a degree in Spanish Philology. He is a poet and writer. He is the author of the following books of poems: El Cielo (DVD Ediciones, 2000), Resurrección (Visor, 2005, XV Jaime Gil de Biedma International Poetry Prize), and Calor (Visor, 2008, VI Fray Luis de León International Prize), which was selected as book of the year by the magazine Quimera. He has just published his collected poetry in the volume titled Amor (Visor, 2010). As a narrator, he has published the book of stories Zeta (DVD Ediciones, 2002), and the novels Magia  (DVD Ediciones, 2004), España (DVD Ediciones, 2008; also published in Argentina by the editorial  Mansalva, 2010) and Aire Nuestro (Alfaguara, 2009), which won the Book of the Year Prize from the Librería Cálamo and which will shortly be translated into Italian.

It has already been translated into Portuguese, French and German. His work is mentioned in various national anthologies, both for poetry and prose, including the recent entries: Pequeñas resistencias. Antología del nuevo cuento español (Páginas de Espuma, 2010) and Las moradas del verbo. Poetas de la democracia (Calambur, 2010).

He collaborates on a regular basis with Spanish newspapers such as El Mundo, Público, ABC and in literature magazines such as Quimera, Eñe, Etiqueta Negra, Turia, etc.

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