Manuel Borrás

(Spain, 1958)

In 1976 Manuel Borrás set up the Pre-Textos publishing house with Manuel Ramírez and Silvia Pratdesaba. Its catalogue currently comprises in the region of 670 titles, forming various collections: three are devoted to narrative; "Ensayos", devoted to the Spanish contemporary philosophy scene; "Filosofías", in collaboration with the Metaphysics Department at the University of Valencia; "Letras Hispánicas"; "La huella sonora", which analyses musical traditions; "Pre-Textos de Arquitectura", in collaboration with the Architects' Institute of Girona, and "Humaniora", about humanism in the age of enlightenment and published in a joint edition with Biblioteca Valenciana. It also includes five collections of poetry and "Cosmópolis", its most recent collection, devoted to literary creation and philosophical reflection on the city. It publishes the virtual magazine La Litera, with exclusive articles by its published authors.

The publishing house has been awarded the National Prize for the best editorial work (1997); the Prize for the best books published in Spanish, the Prize awarded by the Valencian Department of Culture (2000, 2001 and 2003), and the Medal for the diffusion of culture of the Valencian Department of Culture.

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