Lluís Reales

© CCCB, 2018. Author: Miquel Taverna

Lluís Reales is a graduate in Information Sciences from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where he is currently associate professor of scientific journalism. He was director of the La Vanguardia newspaper supplement Ciencia y Salud and a co-founder of the Digital Journalists Group.
He has written several books on technology and the environment, such as Medi ambient i comunicació. De l'evolució cultural a l'evolució conscient (1994), and has taken part in the production of the Strategic Plan for Culture in Barcelona. He has also been a jury member for several prizes in the scientific sphere.
He currently directs and presents the Barcelona Televisió programme Einstein a la platja, on scientific, medical and environmental issues, is a regular contributor to El País and coordinates the magazine Medi Ambient. Tecnologia i cultura, published by the Catalan Government's Department of the Environment.

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