Kathrin Golda Pongratz

Kathrin Golda Pongratz is an architect (Technische Universität München) and PhD in architecture and urban planning (Universität Karlsruhe). She is professor in residence and director of Clemson University’s Barcelona Program and adjunct associate professor at Texas A&M University’s architecture program in Barcelona. She is a lecturer and thesis tutor at the Masters Program Urban Agglomerations at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main and a regularly invited guest lecturer at the ETSAV in Sant Cugat/ Barcelona. She has taught at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima, the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, the ETSAB and ESARQ in Barcelona, the Daniel Center of Urban Studies and Building Research in Genoa and the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning at Universität Karlsruhe (KIT). She is an associated researcher to the Programa Andino de Estudios de la Ciudad at Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya in Lima.


Her research focuses on urbanization processes and migration, Latin American urbanism, informal urbanism, urban renewal strategies and public space, housing policies, structural changes of urban societies and urban perception.

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