Kathleen Ann Goonan

(Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 1952)

Kathleen Ann Goonan graduated in English and then obtained the Certificate of the International Montessori Association and taught classes for thirteen years. She was director of her own school for ten years.

In 1987 she started writing and sold many articles on travel -most of them to the Washington Post-, science fiction tales and short stories. After the success of her first novel, Queen City Jazz (1994), she published the works The Bones of Time (1996), Mississippi Blues (1997), Crescent City Rhapsody (2000) and Light Music (2002), known collectively as the Nanotech Quartet. In them she explores the social and personal ramifications of new technologies, such as bioengineering and nanotechnology; they are works that emphasise the character, probing the roots of identity. The broad spectrum of jazz, blues and musical theory is the foundation of her speculative work, which combines advances in science with post-modern sensitivity and the lyrical use of language.

Her novels have been awarded the Arthur Clarke, Nubula, BSFA and Bob Morane prizes, amongst others. She has published over twenty short stories, and like her novels, they have been translated into different languages.

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