Josep Maria Ruiz Simón

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(Barcelona, 1961) studied Philosophy and Catalan Philology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona where he obtained a doctoral degree in Philosophy. He was a lecturer at this university and presently teaches in the Philosophy Department at the University of Girona. In his academic publications he has written about such authors as Bernat Metge, Leo Strauss, Eugeni d’Ors and Ramon Llull. He was awarded the City of Barcelona Prize for Literature for his essay L’Art de Ramon Llull i la teoria escolàstica de la ciència (The Art of Ramon Llull and the Scholastic Theory of Science – Quaderns Crema, 1999). He writes as a weekly columnist for the daily La Vanguardia and a collection of these articles has been published with the title Fora d’hora (Out of Hours – Quaderns Crema, 1989).

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