Javeria Rizvi Kabani

(Stockholm, Sweden, 1977)

Javeria Rizvi Kabani studied Law and Development Studies at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and Human Rights and journalism in Sweden.  At SOAS she worked as a media researcher for a joint project at the Centre of Middle Eastern Law and Interrights. In 1999 she worked for India Centre of Law and Human Rights, in Mumbai and in 2001 for the American University in Cairo and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights. Javeria has spent most of her professional life working extensively with training and analysis primarily related to the areas of media, human rights, development cooperation and youth activism. Her work includes co-publishing a book with writer Stieg Larsson for the EXPO Foundation, Swedish Public Television SVT, Ombudsman against Discrimination DO and the Aga Khan Development Network.

Javeria Rizvi Kabani is one of the three producer/directors  of the documentary film project Zero Silence, a film about the connections between the youth of the Middle East and North Africa, social media networks and the quest for democracy and free speech.

He has also written the book mmigrant and InvadedLet’s raise our voices – On being a young minority young woman (2004), and has participated in other publications, such as Violence in the name of honour – theoretical and political challenges (2004), Family Life: a comparative perspective (2006) and Public Diplomacy initatives and social media - ways to support opinion leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (2010).

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