Jaume Vallcorba

Jaume Vallcorba at Kosmopolis 2013  Miquel Taverna, CCCB, 2013

Publisher and founder of Quaderns Crema and Editorial Acantilado.

Tarragona, 1949. He was a philologist, publisher and editor at the publishing companies Quaderns Crema and Acantilado Editorial. He taught literature at the universities of Bordeaux, Lleida and Barcelona. In publishing terms, he was responsible for introducing the recent generation of Catalan writers, including Quim Monzó, Sergi Pàmies and Empar Moliner, and was responsible for the edition of the Collected Poems of J.V. Foix as the late poet had requested. In Spanish, great classics from the past coexist in his Acantilado Editorial catalogue and he has helped to rediscover them in new editions with a large number of European writers, from Fernando Pessoa to Imre Kertész, Stefan Zweig and Joseph Roth. Died in Barcelona, on August 2014.

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