Jasmina Tesanovic

(Belgrade, Serbia, 1954)

Jasmina Tesanovic was one of the major organisers of «Drug-ca zena», the first feminist conference in Eastern Europe, organised at the Belgrade Students' Cultural Centre. She is an activist in several women's associations -Women in Black of Serbia, Women to Work, etc.- and one of the founders of Feminist Editions 94. She currently teaches Creative Writing at the Centre for Women's Studies.

She is the author of several works of fiction: The Invisible Book, In Exile, A Women's Book, The Mermaids (Borislav Pekic Prize) and the play They just do it, and of non-fiction works The Suitcase: Refugee Voices from Bosnia and Croatia (1997); On Normality: A Moral Opera by a Political Idiot (1999), a diary on daily life in Belgrade from March 1998 to June 1999, taken to the big screen by Dinko Tucakovic; Me and My Multicultural Street (2001), essays on war, and Matrimony (2003), a diary that narrates the death of her mother owing to a lack of medicines during the sanctions.

She has also produced several films and performances: Difficile Morire (Rome, 1975), Morning-Noon-Evening (Belgrade, 1980), and Nefertiti Was Here (Belgrade, 1978-2003).

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