Jarboe’s recorded and performed projects produce only her unique energy. She draws from a variety of charged sources, from her early exposure to snake-handling revivals in the Mississippi delta, parents who were in the FBI, her participation in a lounge act,experimental performance in gallery & live radio settings,her 14-year critically acclaimed recordings and collaboration with Swans doing worldwide concerts (clubs, theatres, festivals, live radio, TV).


Highlights from the Jarboe tour diary include :

• “Work In Progress” Arts Program performances in NYC, Chicago and Atlanta.

• Performance at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Portugal

• Performance at PS122 in NYC

• Europe/US Tour with the Italian avant-garde group, Larsen

• US Tour and London show with Neurosis

• Performances in the Baltic region, which included performances in cathedrals.

• Concerts on the East and West Coast with Amber Asylum, Blixa Bargeld, Red Sparowes

• Concerts in Moscow, Budapest, Seville, and various regions of Europe.

The eclectic roster of Jarboe’s musical collaborators includes: Michael Gira, Bill Laswell, Jim Thirlwell, Lustmord, PanSonic, Mark Spybey, Steven Severin, Chris Connelly, Alan Sparhawk, Neurosis, Edward KaSpel, William Faith, David J, David Torn, Bill Rieflin,Iva Davies, Blixa Bargeld, Kris Force, Nic Le Ban, Julia Kent, A Perfect Circle, Brian Castillo, Lary Seven, Cobalt, Byla, Jesu.

She has done voice over work for The Venture Brothers cartoon. She has worked with visual artists in film / photography /design including : Richard Kern, Cedric Victor, Beth B, Laura Levine, Wim Van De Hulst, Rochelle Heagh Phister, and Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn.

Considered a true independent of the 21st century and “internet pioneer” for music, Jarboe has been panelist on “Artists and the Internet” at the CMJ convention in NYC. Jarboe has released 14 solo albums in addition to working on 20+ Swans albums and 60+collaborative projects with visual & sound artists all over the world.


She has recorded in various countries, including Europe , Japan, and the Middle East.

A “collective” audio documentary entitled: The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult in production for 2008 as well as
forthcoming releases of a game from Europe entitled: The Path. http://www.taleof- .

2008 brings the development and birth of a completely new full length Jarboe album accompanied by a heavy band.

Takes part in