Gustavo Duch

(1965, Barcelona)

Director of Vets without Borders

Graduated in Veterinary Science and postgraduated in Business Managing. Director of the non-for-profit Vets Without Borders, founded 20 years ago, that has as its main objective aproaching the Western world to the rural reality of the countries of the South. From Vets Without Borders he has promoted networks in favour of food sovereignty as an alternative to capitalist agriculture, that ruins the planet and the beings living in it. Works tightly with La Via Campesina, organization that groups more than 200 milion small peasants. Writes in several newspapers such as El Periódico de Catalunya, El País Catalunya, La Jornada de México, Galicia Hoxe, Diario Público and El Correo Vasco. Member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Ecología Política.

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How to Save the World (One Man, One Cow, One Planet)
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