Gabi Martínez

Gabi Martínez (Barcelona, 1971) is a writer. Considered to be one of Spain’s foremost renovators of travel writing, he has published Sólo para gigantes (Only for Giants, Alfaguara), winner of the Spanish Television Continuarà Prize in 2012 and chosen as the best non-fiction work in Spanish by the magazine Qué Leer; Sudd (Alfaguara), which Glénat has published in comic book version; Los mares de Wang (The Seas of Wang, Alfaguara), named the best non-fiction book of 2008 by Condé Nast Traveller; and Ático (Attic, Destino, 2004), for which he was chosen by Palgrave/MacMillan as one of the most representative authors of the Spanish avant-garde in the last twenty years. In October 2012 he published En la Barrera (On the Barrier, Altaïr), a book about his journey through the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which Qué Leer also named as the best non-fiction work of the year. He has just published the novel Voy (I’m Leaving, Alfaguara).

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