Funkvice was set up in 1998 by Plutonium (Cristian) and Scom (Chus) with the idea of creating more complex sessions than a solo DJ can offer and extending the musical range to adapt to the different types of session according to the public and the club in question.

Their dance floor sessions are a cocktail of hip hop, funk, soul jazz and electro old school, where rhythmics and a good selector come together with technology and abstraction. They also offer other kinds of sessions that are more abstract in nuance, with sounds taken from their large collection of records, incorporating jazz, funk, symphonic rock, hip hop, soundtracks and avant-garde.

They formed part of Five Mix Colors. In 1999 they set up the DJ collective Dubcelona along with Ma-z. Together with Marco Fonktana, they make up Soul Divos.

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