Frank T (Tshimini Nsombolay)

(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1973)

Frank T's family moved to Spain when he was two. Together with Emy Power and Manolo, the hip-hop DJ, he set up the rap band Top Productions in 1988. The following year they recorded their first demo, including the track "Kaos" that marked the difference and the future of the emcee, and was broadcast by a specialist programme on Onda Torrejón.

Various hip-hop groups, including Fase 2, Paco and Swy, set up "El club de los poetas violentos", which rocked the existing structures of Spanish rap and attracted the attention of record labels. After several concerts, the club members recorded their first LP, Madrid zona bruta.

In 1996 Frank T decided to go solo; he has since made five discs: Konfusional (1996); Los pájaros no pueden vivir en el agua porque no son peces (1998), considered Spain's best rap album and a collector's item; La gran obra maestra (1998); Frankattack (1999) and 90 kilos (2002).

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