Francesc Bellmunt

(Sabadell, Spain, 1947)

Filmmaker. Contributed to the ‘70s humour magazines Por Favor and Muchas Gracias, alongside Josep Mª Vallés, Joan de Sagarra, Manuel Vázquez-Montalbán, Perich and Juan Marsé. Since 1968, he has directed and produced seventeen feature films, documentaries, TV series and TV movies. Among his films are the comedies L'Orgia, La Quinta del porro, an adaptation of the two novels of Ferran Torrent, Un negre amb un saxo (1988) and Gràcies per la propina (1996). He has also made an adaptation of Ralph König's anti-war comic, Lisístrata.

Since 1974, he has participated in different organisations related to the promotion of Catalan cinema, including the establishment of the Institut del Cinema Català (1974), and the Col·legi de Directors de Cinema, as well as the producers association, Barcelona Audiovisual. He is also Vice-Rector at the Col·legi de l'Audiovisual de Catalunya, a member of the culture commission of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and, since 2007, a member of the Consell d'Administració de la Corporació de Radiotelevisió Espanyola.

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