Fernando Márquez

A vocalist and songwriter for groups like Kaka de luxe (1977/78), Paraíso (1977/78), La Mode (1981/84), Pop deco (1980/81 and 1985/86), Proyecto Bronwyn (1985/89) and Los fantasmas del paraíso (2002), Fernando Márquez has been working with Charlie Misterio since the end of 2002. They are presently engaged in making a disc for the recording company Siesta. He has also written material for Kiki d'aki, Azúcar Moreno and Micky. Among his best-known titles are "Para ti" (For You), "Aquella canción de Roxy" (That Song of Roxy), "En cualquier fiesta" (At Any Party) and "El futuro" (The Future).

He has written for the following publications: Guía del ocio (1977), Mandágora and El Pirata (1982/84), ABC (1984/88), El corazón del Bosque (1993/98), Próximo milenio (1995/97), among others. He has also worked on different occasions with Radio Nacional de España (Spanish National Radio) in programmes like "Relato secreto" (Secret Story), "Solos en el desayuno" (Alone at Breakfast) and "Historia de la movida" ("Madrid Movement" Story) as well as writing the books Todos los chicos y chicas (All The Boys and Girls, 1980), Música moderna (Modern Music, 1981), Relato secreto (Secret Story, 1986) and Canción de amor (Love Song, 1995).

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