F. David Peat

Liverpool, England, 1938 - 2017

F. David Peat was born in Liverpool, England where he obtained his PhD. He taught at Queen's University before carrying out research at the National Research Council of Canada and also acted as a consultant for the Science Council of Canada. Peat has also organized circles for Native American Elders and Western Scientists, as well as between artists and scientists. He was also responsible for the twenty-program series "A question of physics" (a history of physics in the twentieth century) aired on CBC Ideas as well as other documentaries for the CBC. Peat also collaborated with the physicist, David Bohm

In 1996 Peat moved to the medieval hilltop village of Pari, near Siena where he opened the Pari Center for New Learning. The Center runs conferences, courses and has a visitors program for artists, writers and scholars.

Peat is the author of twenty books including Blackfoot PhysicsFrom Certainty to UncertaintyThe Blackwinged NightTurbulent Mirror (with John Briggs), Science, Order and Creativity (with David Bohm) and Pathways of Chance.