Escarlata is the perfect recipe, made with prime ingredients from the magical union of Israel (Cuchillo/Caballo) and Remate, taking us on a journey packed full of memories to live an experience that has not yet been written… And, with this premise, Lo que me dijiste al oído se extendió por todo el mundo.

The disc, produced by Carlos Toronado and released by one of E! festival’s favourite labels, Foehn Records, is (as described at a collection of songs that swings between narcotic and epic, dream folk and drowning, syncretism and psychedelia in captivity. A selection of lullabies for adults threatened with extinction, gaping cries, fragments of the opening scenes of an exhibitionist dream, vicissitudes of lyrical surrealisms, projections of the dreamlike anomalies that pop generates, collisions between original songs, DIY lo-fi, toy-shop folk and inward-looking dream pop.

The duo presents Lo que me dijiste al oído se extendió por todo el mundo at the E! festival 2014.


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