Ernest Ferré

Ernest Ferré is an architect working in Barcelona and a Doctoral candidate at the UPC. He has designed several private housing, rehabilitation (Pagès Editorial, Lleida) and infrastructure projects like the Lleida Doors, or the Passage Way over the Segre river in Lleida. His project for a Passageway for Forum of Cultures was completed in 2004 and was a finalist for the Mies van der Rohe European Architectural Award. He has been teaching History and Architectural Composition at the ESARQ School in Barcelona and has lectured at ETH Zürich.
His work has been published at the Quaderns d’Arquitectura, ON review, Coblestone pictures (Germany); Gb Progetti (Italy), COAC (Lleida, Tarragona), Blue Print (London), Casa Viva (Barcelona) and DAU Review among others.

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