Emili Teixidor Viladecās

(Roda de Ter, Spain, 1934)

Emili Teixidor Viladecàs studied Teacher Training, Philosophy and Letters, Law and Journalism at the University of Barcelona. He has been a contributor to several newspapers and currently has a section in the weekly magazine Presència. He directed and presented the books section in Mil paraules on TV3 and for several years he has had his own programme on books on Catalunya Radio.

He is one of the most acclaimed specialists in books for children and young people, and has published such titles as: Les rates malaltes (1967), Joaquim Ruyra Prize, L'ocell de foc (1972), En Ranquet i el tresor (1989), Pier Paolo Vergerio Prize, Cor de roure (1994) and L'amiga més amiga de la formiga Piga (1997), National Children's Literature Prize.

He is also the author of the novels Sic transit Glòria Swanson (1979), Serra d'Or Critics' Prize, Retrat d'un assassí d'ocells (1988) and El llibre de les mosques (2000), Sant Jordi novel prize. His works for radio are collected in En veu alta: escrits per a la ràdio (1998) and Els matins. In 1992 he was awarded the Sant Jordi Cross in recognition of his works and his efforts to promote culture.

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