Els Surfing Sirles

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«What moves us is the desire to break everything», sing Els Surfing Sirles. There was a need for a band that would take rock’n’roll to such extremes, where attitude and noise collide to regale us with an explosion of ideas at incendiary concerts. The group, which emerged from the Barcelona underground, is formed by Martí Sales (vocals and guitar), Guillem Caballero (keyboards and vocals), Uri Caballero (guitar) and Xavi Garcia (drums). Els Surfing Sirles sing about the Fageda d’en Jordà beech wood, about the junkies at Can Tunis, about the zombies who occupy Michael Jackson’s mansion, about alchemy, about rumba-loving punk payos... They even bring deceased former FC Barcelona vice-president Nicolau Casaus into a song about bandoleers that ends up perverting the Barça hymn. They have released the albums Romaní, Semen i Sang (2011) and LP (2010), both by Bankrobber.

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