Eli Gras

Artist and musician

Self-taught artist Eli Gras (Barcelona, 1971) is the founder and director of La Olla Exprés, an editorial and artistic production project. She has always combined her literary and musical sides. She has published two books: Cuentos de la Olla Expréss and Queridos Objetos y otras Poerprosas. In the field of music, she has a long career in experimental music, rock, minimalism and electronics. She has formed part of musical groups such as OBMUZ, Elio and the improvisation group Sant Bonobo Orquesta, and has worked on solo projects of the musician Alain Wergifosse. In 2003, she released her first CD, “Baranda” (La Olla Expréss), and currently forms part of the Laptopless Orquestra and the electronic duo Motor Combo. The music of Eli Gras plays with improvisation and electronics combined with instruments she has invented, toys, guitars, miscellaneous artefacts and other instruments such as bass guitar and flutes, using materials which, in her words, “express themselves in their own language”, using her hands and electronics as a sound processor. Her professional life is marked by variety in the field of creation; she has also worked as a screenplay writer, behind the animation camera and designing special effects, though her creativeness is best characterized by music and writing.


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