Edmond Baudoin

(Nice, France, 1942)

Illustrator and artist. After working in different careers, he began to dedicate himself to comics in the 1980s. He has worked for the publishing house Gallimard and has created different comics for the French magazines Métal Hurlant, Circus and Suivre. He has published over fifty books, some of them in collaboration. His most recent works are Roberto (2007) and Travesti (2007), with Mircéa Cartarescu. In Spain, he has published the books El viaje (2004), Araucaria. Apuntes de viaje (2006) and Piero (2007).

He is a teacher of comic illustration at Quebec University and has participated in shows and conferences in China, India, Chile and Rumania. He is currently working on a comic/contemporary dance fusion show alongside the choreographer Carol Vanni.

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