David Rieff

(Boston, United States , 1952)
 Sigrid Estrada

Political analyst, journalist and cultural reviewer.

Political analyst, journalist and cultural critic. Graduated in history from the University of Princeton (1978). He is a member of the The New York Institute for the Humanities, and has collaborated as en editor on the World Policy Journal, The New Republic and Harper’s Magazine. He has also collaborated as a writer on the The New York Times Magazine and Los Angeles Times Book Review. He is a founder of the «War crimes» project at the American University, in Washington D.C., which is dedicated to educating the public, and especially journalists, about war and war crimes.

Aside from regularly publishing articles in newspapers and international magazines, he has edited various books, among them Road to Miami (1987), Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West (1995), War crimes: what we should know (2003), A bed for the night: humanitarianism in crisis (2003), At gunpoint: democratic dreams and armed intervention (2007) and the recent Swimming in a Sea of Death (2008), a memoir about his mother, Susan Sontag.

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