David Gálvez

(Vilanova i La Geltrú, 1970)
David Gálvez. (Picture by Tony Lara).


David Galvez Casellas (Vilanova I la Geltrú, 1970) is an Andorran writer who writes in Catalan and Spanish, author of the novel Cartes Mortes (Males Herbes, 2014). He is best known as a fiction writer and storyteller, but has also made forays into poetry and essays. He has published more than seventy articles in Andorran, Catalan and Argentine newspapers and magazines such as Diari d’Andorra, BonDia Andorra, Papers de recerca històrica, Viure als Pirineus, and Nación Apache. He is a member of the editorial team and columnist for Portella: Andorra Lletres Arts, a biannual journal of arts and culture in Andorra (Andorra la Vella, Andorra).

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