Darío Adanti

©Guadalupe de la Vallina

Born in Buenos Aires in 1971, Darío Adanti is a cartoonist, artist and scriptwriter, and founder member of the satirical magazine Mongolia. In 1990, he started contributing to Argentine publications such as El Porteño, Humor, Clarín and Página/12, before moving to Spain in 1996, where he contributes to media such as El País, Público, El Jueves and Fotogramas. He has published 13 comic books, including La ballena tatuada, El Calavera vuelve a Casa and Toda aquella caspa radioactiva. With critic Jordi Costa as scriptwriter, he has published several books and comics, including Mis problemas con Amenábar and Vida mostrenca. He has made animated series such as Vacaláctica and ElvisChrist for MTV international.

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