Daniel Weinstock

Daniel Weinstock is one of Canada’s best known philosophers in the domain of political theory and, in particular, ethical questions pertaining to nationalism and conflicts of justice in plurinational states. A former student of Charles Taylor and John Rawls, he has reflected in numerous books and articles on how cultural and moral diversity can be integrated into democratic societies. He was a member of the Quebec Ministry of Education’s working group on religion in schools and, since 2003, has headed Quebec’s Public Health Ethics Committee. He is presently Full Professor at McGill University, where he teaches Law and Philosophy, and is also a guest professor at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. Notable among his many books and articles are Philosophy in an Age of Pluralism (Cambridge University Press, 1994), “Constitutionalizing the Right to Secede” (Journal of Political Philosophy, 2001), Global Justice, Global Institutions (Univ. Calgary Press, 2007), Deliberative Democracy in Practice (Washington Press, 2010), Political Neutrality: a Re-evaluation (Palgrave MacMillan, 2014).


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