CÚsar R. Ranero

César R. Ranero is an eminent geologist and academic. He obtained a PhD from the University of Barcelona (1993) with a research project carried out at the CSIC Earth Sciences Institute. He completed a postdoctoral degree (1993 – 1999) in the earth engineering company GEOMAR, where he was also a researcher (2000 – 2005). In 2005 he started work as ICREA research professor in the Marine Sciences Institute (ICM) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and, two years later, he was appointed as head of coordination at the Barcelona Center for Subsurface Imaging (CSI). He has published more than sixty articles and chapters for books and has taken part in more than two hundred and fifty international congresses in addition to more than thirty international scientific meetings. He has led more than a dozen sea-going expeditions and has supervised the work of more than twenty doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

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