Colin Thubron

(London, United Kingdom, 1939)

Born in London, on 14 June 1939. Educated at Eton College. He is a member of the Royal Society of Literature since 1969 and lives in London.

Travel writer an novelist he is the author of several classics of travel literature, such as Among the Russians (1983), describes a journey he made by car through western Russia during the Brezhnev era; Behind the Wall; The Lost Heart of Asia (1994), narrates his travels throug the newly-independent central Asian republics, exploring the effects of the collapse of the Union on the region; and In Siberia, his most recent travel narrative (1999). His narrative work includes A Cruel Madness (1984), Falling (1989) and Distance (1996).

He is a regular contributor and reviewer for magazines and newspapers including The Times, the Times Literary Supplement and The Spectator.

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