Clément Rosset

Philosopher and author of "Loin de moi. Études sur l’identité" (Éditions de Minuit, 1999).

A philosopher and writer he is one the most outstanding French intellectuals of recent decades. He is presently engaged full-time in writing and free exercise of philosophy. After completing his studies at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris) with Althusser and Lacan as his teachers, he taught at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Nice. Influenced by Schopenhauer, his work criticises the need to flee reality by means of illusory duplications of the world. Among his published works are Principes de la sagesse et de la folie (Principles of Wisdom and Madness), which was published in Catalan as Principis de saviesa i de follia (Edicions 3 i 4, 1997), while a Spanish version was published by Marbot Ediciones, 2008), Le réél: traite de l'idiotie (The Real: Treatise on Idiocy), which was published in Spanish as Lo real: tratado sobre la idiotez (Pre-Textos, 2004) and Loin de moi: étude sur l'identité (Far From Me: A Study on Identity), which was published in Spanish as Lejos de mí: estudio sobre la identidad (Marbot Ediciones, 2008).


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