Christian Renault

(Antwerp, Belgium, 1963)

Christian Renault studied electrical engineering but gave it up to devote himself to music and theatre production. Since 1994 he has lived in Barcelona, where he works as an actor, theatre director and playwright. He is a teacher of drama for children and teenagers and has produced theatrical pieces for the students of the Collège Ferdinand de Lesseps and the Lycée Français in Barcelona.

Outside the educational sphere, he works with the group Acting Jack Flash, producing street shows for different organisations and civic centres. As an actor, he recently had parts in the plays Un air de famille, by Agnès Jaoui and Jean Pierre Baccri, and Le père Noël et une ordure, by Josiane Balasko, of which he was also the director.

In the last two years he has participated in the Mediterranean Secondary Schools' Theatre Festival in Castellnaudary and the Street Theatre Festival in Aurillac.

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