Cecilia Dreymüller

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Literary critic and translator.

(Nohn, Germany, 1962). With a PhD in Spanish Philology, Cecilia Dreymüller teaches at the Goethe-Institut Barcelona and is a literary critic for several publications, including Süddeutsche Zeitung, Deutschlandfunk, Avui, Revista de Occidente and Revista de libros as well as being a regular columnist for Babelia, the cultural supplement of the newspaper El País. Her books in Spanish include Incisiones. Panorama crítico de la narrativa en lengua alemana desde 1945 (Incisions: A Critical Overview of German-Language Fiction since 1945 – Galaxia Gutenberg, 2008) and Confluencias. Antología de la mejor narrativa alemana actual (Confluences: An Anthology of the Best German Fiction Today – Alpha Decay, 2014). An authority on the work of Peter Handke, she has translated into Spanish his book on the bombing of Yugoslavia, Preguntando entre lágrimas (Alento, 2011) and the essay collection Contra el sueño profundo (Nórdica, 2017). She has recently published the book Peter Handke y España (Peter Handke and Spain, Alianza Literaria, 2017).

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