Cecile Laborde

CCCB  Miquel Taverna, 2011

Professor of Political Theory at University College, London.

Cécile Laborde has a Ph.D. from Oxford University and has also taught at the University of Exeter and King’s College. She has recently been appointed a Fellow of the Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies. Her research is mainly concerned with the history of political ideas and contemporary political philosophy and, in this domain, she has focused particularly on notions of nationalism, republicanism, multiculturalism and global justice. One of her present projects is a monographic study of religious freedom in contemporary political philosophy. She is author of Pluralist Thought and the State in Britain and France, 1900-25 (Macmillan, 2000); Critical Republicanism. The Hijab Controversy and Political Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 2008); and Français, encore un effort pour devenir républicains! (Seuil, 2010).

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