Carol Vanni

A ballerina, choreographer and writer, she has danced for Daniel Dobbels, Santiago Sempere, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté. In 1998 she founded her own company and, as a member of the Théâtre du Merlan Scène Nationale de Marseille, she did the choreography for Marthe et Marie, Ab Origine and Pages, visages, fenêtre, with such artists as Jeanne Benameur, Edmond Baudoin, Miqueù Montanaro, Michel Houssin and Etienne Delmas. She is presently working with the companies Skappa! and Lalage - with the work Je voudrais être légère, based on a text by Elfriede Jelinek and directed by Alain Fourneau - as well as with the Théâtre de l'Imparfait.

As a writer, she has published in the reviews Hors Jeu (Epinal), L'Evidence (Paris), Le Paresseux (Angoulême) and Le Cahier du Refuge (Centre International de Poésie Marseille). She has written for the exhibition catalogues of the designer Michel Houssin and of the painters Fred Holzer and Christophe Asso. She also wrote the children's work Tu vas leur dire?, commissioned by the director Aïcha Sif, and has published the books Chagrin d'Encre and Embruns, illustrated by Edmond Baudoin.

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