Carlo Padial

(Barcelona, 1977)

Writer, scriptwriter and audiovisual producer.

Under the pseudonym of Carlo Hart he has collaborated on journals such as El ViboraAlan Smithee and Nosotros somos Los Muertos. He currently a member of the team at audiovisual producer Los Pioneros del Siglo XXI, with which he creates tragicomic videos such as the false TV programme “Go, Ibiza, Go!”, which has also been transferred to the stage of the Teatre Alexandra in Barcelona. As a writer he has released the books Dinero gratis and Erasmus, Orgasmus y otros problemas with publishers Libros del Silencio. A free version of the latter also became his filmmaking debut: Mi loco Erasmus. He has worked on the post-production of the film Un monstre em ve a veure (J. A. Bayona, 2016) and has directed and co-starred, with Berto Romero, in the film Algo muy gordo (2017). His latest book is Doctor Portuondo (Blackie Books, 2017).

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