Bruno Galindo

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1968)
 Bruno Galindo

Journalist, writer and record producer.

He is the author of Lunas hienas (2002); África para sociedades secretas (2003); Vasos comunicantes (2003) and Duna 45 (2005), but has also participated in several collective works. As an editor he has published the anthology Doble/Duplo by Brazilian multimedia artist Arnaldo Antunes and numerous works on musical subjects. He also translated the book on hip-hop and Afro-American politics Fight the power by Chuck D and Yusuf Jah.

A reviver of the spoken-word style, he has recently published the record-book and DVD Leopoldo María Panero (2005), where he pays tribute to the poet along with three other Spanish artists. He is a regular contributor to numerous Spanish and Latin American publications, included El País since 1995.

He is currently working on Afrohaikus, his first novel and on Diarios de Pyongyang/Diarios de Seúl, a journalistic book about his incursion into the two Koreas. He also occasionally works as a "text jockey" (a disc jockey who plays words).

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