Brian W. Aldiss

(Norfolk, England, 1925)

Born in Norfolk, England, in 1925. He published his first novel in 1955 while working as a bookseller in Oxford. His first incursion into the field of science fiction dates back to 1958 with the appearance of Non-Stop. Since then, he has published over 40 novels and 300 short stories, as well as poetry and literary criticism. His vast body of work has brought him numerous prizes and recognition. Although his early work goes back to the fifties, he is considered to be one of the moving figures behind the new wave of science fiction, and was the first British author of the genre to be recognised by the country's critics. Aldiss is an author who is concerned with the human condition and with the ambiguous, exuberant and disturbing nature of our times, a concern that he has conveyed to writings that border on the biographical, full of sensations and evocative images of youth and packed with issues referring to the perception of reality and the ambiguity of our world, in which the terrible and the attractive, the beautiful and the repulsive, exist side by side in a single element. He died in 2017.

Works by Brian Aldiss: Frankenstein unbound, Helliconia Spring, Helliconia Summer, Helliconia Winter, Report on Probability A, Hothouse, Moment of Eclipse and The Malacia Tapestry.

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